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Which Shampoo Does Well In Fighting Oily Hair?

After go a long time with having oily hair I finally come to the conclusion there there was no good excuse for it. I had tried so many different products over that period of time, yet nothing seem to be helpful. After I starting going to a hairdresser regularly I was told that the best shampoo for oily hair was the ‘ Tigi Bed Head’, which is beneficial to thin and oily hair. After reading up on it and seeing so many great reviews on this product I went online and took the big step and order some.

And I was really surprised: it really helped! Since I use this best oily hair shampoo and the Conditioner by Tigi my hair have become no longer greasy.

Once I received my order I was very excited and wanted to see what it could do for my oily hair. To my surprise, the ‘Tigi Bed Head” best oily hair shampoo done wonders for my –  oh so oily hair, and believe it or not, I no longer have all that extra oil present. I am tickled pink about it! This is some terrific stuff, and it also has the wonderful scent of strawberries. I recommend the “Tigi Bed Head Shampoo to anyone who has hair that is overwhelmed by excessive oils.”

Hair that has excessive oils need ‘Tigi Bed Head Shampoo’

The shampoo and conditioner are unfortunately not really cheap.

This shampoo and conditioner is unfortunately going to take a rather large chuck out of one’s pocket, but it will be worth every cent of it. At one point I was considering putting off the purchase, however, I went a head with it and I have not once regretted doing so. It only takes a few drops, which makes it more practical when washing your head on a daily basis.

A friend of mine has her oily hair back in only a few hours after waswhsing it, and I decided to let her give my new shampoo a try, boy was she surprised at what it could do. After that she practically beg me to help her get some of her own, so I help her search online for the ‘Tigi Bed Head Shampoo’, now my friend has her own ‘Tigi Bed Hea Shampoo’. She does not have excessive oils in her hair anymore. I can swear this to be true, as I was a witness to it.

What should I know about conditioners?

It is my recommendation to use cream rinses and conditioners on the tips of the hair, and the length of the hair, leaving the scalp out of it altogether.

For those who have greasy hair, I would recommend ‘Fructis’, the anti-grease shampoo.


When you have finished shampooing your hair place the length of your hair into some ice cold water, including the base areas of the hair line. This will close-off the scales and sebaceous glands, sealing off those that produce fat. Also, the ice cold water makes the hair shine for a longer period of time. Having your hair dyed with blonde highlights will help to fight against the hair getting built up to quickly with grease. The reason for this is that the bleach chemicals will help to dry the hairs out, thus, reducing the excess fat from the hairs.

Furthermore shines after much longer hair. If you have nothing against lighter hair did, take up to 2 times per week a ‘ more blonde’ shampoo that brightens up your hair on and makes them little softer, so to access it as ‘normal’ bleaches do without.