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Best Way to Naturally Regrow Hair

Your hair consists of single hairs following a genetic plan that includes shedding, with the average hair loss being 50 to 150 hairs per day. In most cases, hair grows back until the point shedding occurs quicker than growth, leading to baldness. Young adults and seniors have discovered this phenomenon for decades, but why?

Reasons of Hair Loss

Baldness is something associated with older adults, but it can even occur to those under 20 years old. A full head of healthy hair is often associated with younger people and attractiveness. These are reasons hair loss has become a dreaded issue for many, but the past couple decades have made advancements against hair loss.

Prior to deciding on your treatment plan, you should consider several things. When it comes to hair loss, it is hard to find a certain treatment that is guaranteed to work on its own. Various treatments are offered worldwide, with procedures put things on you, such as life style, age geographic, and food habits. The most important aspect being genetic factors that are connected to hair loss, this can lead to curing it being tricky. However, there have been many situations where hair reduction treatments have been successful.

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Available Options

Therapeutic scalp massages that use FirTree can provide valuable stimulation to hair follicles. Hair expansion can be encouraged by using castor oil regularly, reducing hair loss. The follicles are strengthened and lowers the chance of infected hairs. There are times when sweet almond oil can be mixed with castor oil to increase the outcome. Additionally, the aroma is increased, helping create a relaxing environment.

These oils contain high amounts of Vitamin E, which aids in hair health. You can use Avocado leave infusions, and olive oil derivatives too.

Natural Products?

There are natural ways to remedies hair loss as well. For instance:

  • Boil sage leaves with coconut oil creates a black residue, apply to the scalp.
  • Place fenugreek seeds in hot oil, massage to scalp as it cools down.
  • Combine coconut milk and black pepper with fenugreek powder to stimulate blood flow in the scalp.

Alternative Hair Growth

Other options for hair growth are available, but results vary. Vigorously brushing your hair is a well-known treatment, as it removes the dead and loose hair, leaving behind the shiny hair.  Taking a few minutes to massage your head each day can increase blood circulation.


These are some methods you can use to help reduce and possibly eliminate hair loss while increasing hair growth. If you prefer over the counter treatments, to at home remedies with natural ingredients, there are options available for you. Exercise may not directly enhance the hair, but it’s been endorsed by practitioners because it also increases blood flow, helps digestion, provides oxygen, all these are essential to the body.