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Maintaining your hair DONT’S

Hair is something that makes you, well you. There is no two people who will have the same type of hair. You have coarse, soft, curly, straight and so much more. Each type of hair is different, but having healthy hair is quite important for everyone. Below is a list of things that you shouldn’t do if you are trying to maintain your hair.

Don’t swim with hair unprotected.

What could turn your day at the pool or beach bad? Having bad hair caused by the chlorine or salt water. Both types of water can cause some serious health issues for your hair by drying it out which causes split ends, and even strip the color from your hair. It is best to apply a strong leave in conditioner before you jump into that water.

Don’t Wear that pony tail too tight.

Yes, they look cute and they are super easy and convenient, but it could lead to a form of traction alopecia or hair loss caused by hair styles that pull on the scalp. Instead of tightly tying them up, go for a loose bun, ponytail, or even a braid. Be sure to let your hair down before you go to bed. Be sure to go with a thick hair tie as they are gentler on your hair.

Don’t go overboard with the hair tools.

Even if they cost more, be sure to invest in a good tool. Ensure that they have different heat settings and maybe even display the temperature. Hair dryers need to have a diffuser to help distribute the hair evenly. Watch out for those flat irons as it can cause your hair to eventually become dry and brittle which makes it look frizzy. If you have to use a tool, use a low heat setting.