All you need to know

Growing your hair out faster

Recently you got that hair cut that you always wanted, but about 3 months later, you realize there just isn’t a lot to do with it and you miss that long hair of yours. It isn’t that you hate your look, it is just there is only so much you can do with short hair. Although you can’t get that length back overnight, there are a few tips that can help to maximize the growth process a bit.

Get those masks out

Hair masks are great for hydrating your hair. It will help to keep your hair moisturized which in turn keeps your hair smooth and healthy. Do a hair mask at least once a week for 5 to 20 minute, and watch that hair grow! There are so many benefits.

No Alcohol based products

You need to stay away from alcohol based products, especially if you have curly hair. You need to make sure that your shampoo and conditioner are safe and nourishing. Be sure to take care of those ends during conditioning. If you don’t condition the ends, you end up with breakage.

Stimulate your Scalp

Doing a bit of soft brushing or even a massage with your fingertips will help to increase circulation in your scalp which in turn helps to improve your hair growth. Just like you, your scalp needs a bit of relaxation as well.

Time to lay off the styling stuff

If you are really wanting to grow your hair out, then you need to cut back on your styling. Do you use a blow dryer, curling iron or straightening iron? If so, you need to lay off of them because they can break your hair and cause your ends to become dry. Your irons can get well up to 400 degrees, and that is quite damaging.