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Maintaining your hair DONT’S

Hair is something that makes you, well you. There is no two people who will have the same type of hair. You have coarse, soft, curly, straight and so much more. Each type of hair is different, but having healthy hair is quite important for everyone. Below is a list of things that you shouldn’t […]

Growing your hair out faster

Recently you got that hair cut that you always wanted, but about 3 months later, you realize there just isn’t a lot to do with it and you miss that long hair of yours. It isn’t that you hate your look, it is just there is only so much you can do with short hair. […]

Which Shampoo Does Well In Fighting Oily Hair?

After go a long time with having oily hair I finally come to the conclusion there there was no good excuse for it. I had tried so many different products over that period of time, yet nothing seem to be helpful. After I starting going to a hairdresser regularly I was told that the best […]