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Rules of Good Hair Care

We all know that one chick who has the perfectly groomed, never frizzy, salon type hair that looks like she just stepped out of a Herbal Essence commercial. She gets up early to blow dry her hair, does leave in treatments, doesn’t even straighten her hair. As much as we admire her hair, we just […]

Great Vitamins for Hair Growth

The appearance of hair really plays an important part in physical appearance and even self-perception, so if you deal with hair loss, it can be devastating. Some may feel that there is nothing to do about it, but there are actually vitamins out there that can help your hair grow. Poor nutrition and vitamin deficiencies […]

Maintaining your hair DONT’S

Hair is something that makes you, well you. There is no two people who will have the same type of hair. You have coarse, soft, curly, straight and so much more. Each type of hair is different, but having healthy hair is quite important for everyone. Below is a list of things that you shouldn’t […]

Growing your hair out faster

Recently you got that hair cut that you always wanted, but about 3 months later, you realize there just isn’t a lot to do with it and you miss that long hair of yours. It isn’t that you hate your look, it is just there is only so much you can do with short hair. […]

What are the Hairfinity side effects?

There aren’t really many side effects to speak of.  There’s definitely nothing serious. I’ll keep this page updated in case I find any but there certainly isn’t anything major. You could experience things like temporary shedding (getting rid of the unhealthy hair), a change in appetite, digestive issues, metabolic issues and urinary issues but all […]

Which Shampoo Does Well In Fighting Oily Hair?

After go a long time with having oily hair I finally come to the conclusion there there was no good excuse for it. I had tried so many different products over that period of time, yet nothing seem to be helpful. After I starting going to a hairdresser regularly I was told that the best […]

Hairfinity Reviews

Women encounter all sorts of different hair problems, from closed partitions, slick hair, scalp issues and lose of hair. All of these things can lead to a bad hair day at any time. Hairfinity is a treatment for women who suffer from unhealthy or loss of hair. For more results on Hairfinity, check here. There […]

Propecia, Does It Work?

When it comes to Propecia, there are a few reasons people usually try to avoid this method for fighting baldness. There are a few of the reasons, though clinical examinations have shown extensive ability in fighting hair loss, these reasons include cost, side effects and inconvenience. Check out for more info.         […]

Best Way to Naturally Regrow Hair

Your hair consists of single hairs following a genetic plan that includes shedding, with the average hair loss being 50 to 150 hairs per day. In most cases, hair grows back until the point shedding occurs quicker than growth, leading to baldness. Young adults and seniors have discovered this phenomenon for decades, but why? Reasons […]