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Rules of Good Hair Care

We all know that one chick who has the perfectly groomed, never frizzy, salon type hair that looks like she just stepped out of a Herbal Essence commercial. She gets up early to blow dry her hair, does leave in treatments, doesn’t even straighten her hair. As much as we admire her hair, we just don’t have time for that type of treatment of our hair. Our lives are way to chaotic. Below are some tips that can give your similar hair easily.

Only wash your hair 2 or 3 times a week, MAX!

Whenever you shampoo your hair, your natural oils on your hair are stripped away. Those oils are there to protect your hair. This can actually create a vicious cycle of causing oily hair, and a need to shampoo daily. For healthy hair, you only need to wash it 2 or 3 times max.

Start avoiding hot showers and shampoo your scalp

When it is time to wash your hair, we just grab what we have and scrunch it into our hair. There is actually a way that you should be washing your hair. You need to use around the size of a quarter amount of shampoo for short hair, while longer hair is going to need at least a half-dollar sized amount. You need to scrub the scalp and not your ends. Take some time and really massage your shampoo into your scalp. This encourages blood circulation and detoxifies the scalp.

Always brush from the bottom up

Healthy hair needs to be brushed regularly, but if you are wanting untangled healthy hair, then aim for brushing it twice a day. Do it when you wake up and when you go to bed. Be sure to start from the bottom as it doesn’t pull you hair to the point of breaking.

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Great Vitamins for Hair Growth

The appearance of hair really plays an important part in physical appearance and even self-perception, so if you deal with hair loss, it can be devastating. Some may feel that there is nothing to do about it, but there are actually vitamins out there that can help your hair grow. Poor nutrition and vitamin deficiencies can be a major part of hair loss. Below are some great hair growth vitamins that you can use to help you grow and even maintain your hair.

Fish Oil

This type of vitamin is different because they contain Omega-3 Fats that actually nourish your hair which supports thickening your hair and reduce the inflammation of hair follicles which can lead to hair loss, which is why this vitamin is great for growing hair.


Zinc has been used to treat a lot of different disorders such as alopecia areata, which is a form of hair loss. Zinc is actually a cofactor for the enzymes that are involved with the hair follicles. It accelerates hair follicle recovery and even stops regression of the hair follicle.

Biotin and B5

These vitamins have been used a good alternative treatment for hair loss. Biotin helps by rebuilding hair follicles that have been damaged from over shampooing. B5 helps to support the adrenal glands which stimulate the growth of hair.

Using these types of vitamins should help to boost the health of your hair, which in turn will support natural growth and health of your hair.

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Maintaining your hair DONT’S

Hair is something that makes you, well you. There is no two people who will have the same type of hair. You have coarse, soft, curly, straight and so much more. Each type of hair is different, but having healthy hair is quite important for everyone. Below is a list of things that you shouldn’t do if you are trying to maintain your hair.

Don’t swim with hair unprotected.

What could turn your day at the pool or beach bad? Having bad hair caused by the chlorine or salt water. Both types of water can cause some serious health issues for your hair by drying it out which causes split ends, and even strip the color from your hair. It is best to apply a strong leave in conditioner before you jump into that water.

Don’t Wear that pony tail too tight.

Yes, they look cute and they are super easy and convenient, but it could lead to a form of traction alopecia or hair loss caused by hair styles that pull on the scalp. Instead of tightly tying them up, go for a loose bun, ponytail, or even a braid. Be sure to let your hair down before you go to bed. Be sure to go with a thick hair tie as they are gentler on your hair.

Don’t go overboard with the hair tools.

Even if they cost more, be sure to invest in a good tool. Ensure that they have different heat settings and maybe even display the temperature. Hair dryers need to have a diffuser to help distribute the hair evenly. Watch out for those flat irons as it can cause your hair to eventually become dry and brittle which makes it look frizzy. If you have to use a tool, use a low heat setting.


Growing your hair out faster

Recently you got that hair cut that you always wanted, but about 3 months later, you realize there just isn’t a lot to do with it and you miss that long hair of yours. It isn’t that you hate your look, it is just there is only so much you can do with short hair. Although you can’t get that length back overnight, there are a few tips that can help to maximize the growth process a bit.

Get those masks out

Hair masks are great for hydrating your hair. It will help to keep your hair moisturized which in turn keeps your hair smooth and healthy. Do a hair mask at least once a week for 5 to 20 minute, and watch that hair grow! There are so many benefits.

No Alcohol based products

You need to stay away from alcohol based products, especially if you have curly hair. You need to make sure that your shampoo and conditioner are safe and nourishing. Be sure to take care of those ends during conditioning. If you don’t condition the ends, you end up with breakage.

Stimulate your Scalp

Doing a bit of soft brushing or even a massage with your fingertips will help to increase circulation in your scalp which in turn helps to improve your hair growth. Just like you, your scalp needs a bit of relaxation as well.

Time to lay off the styling stuff

If you are really wanting to grow your hair out, then you need to cut back on your styling. Do you use a blow dryer, curling iron or straightening iron? If so, you need to lay off of them because they can break your hair and cause your ends to become dry. Your irons can get well up to 400 degrees, and that is quite damaging.

What are the Hairfinity side effects?

There aren’t really many side effects to speak of.  There’s definitely nothing serious.

I’ll keep this page updated in case I find any but there certainly isn’t anything major.

You could experience things like temporary shedding (getting rid of the unhealthy hair), a change in appetite, digestive issues, metabolic issues and urinary issues but all are minor and are usually only temporary.  You could also try reducing your dosage until you find the right levels which will allow you to grow your hair without any side effects.

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Which Shampoo Does Well In Fighting Oily Hair?

After go a long time with having oily hair I finally come to the conclusion there there was no good excuse for it. I had tried so many different products over that period of time, yet nothing seem to be helpful. After I starting going to a hairdresser regularly I was told that the best shampoo for oily hair was the ‘ Tigi Bed Head’, which is beneficial to thin and oily hair. After reading up on it and seeing so many great reviews on this product I went online and took the big step and order some.

And I was really surprised: it really helped! Since I use this best oily hair shampoo and the Conditioner by Tigi my hair have become no longer greasy.

Once I received my order I was very excited and wanted to see what it could do for my oily hair. To my surprise, the ‘Tigi Bed Head” best oily hair shampoo done wonders for my –  oh so oily hair, and believe it or not, I no longer have all that extra oil present. I am tickled pink about it! This is some terrific stuff, and it also has the wonderful scent of strawberries. I recommend the “Tigi Bed Head Shampoo to anyone who has hair that is overwhelmed by excessive oils.”

Hair that has excessive oils need ‘Tigi Bed Head Shampoo’

The shampoo and conditioner are unfortunately not really cheap.

This shampoo and conditioner is unfortunately going to take a rather large chuck out of one’s pocket, but it will be worth every cent of it. At one point I was considering putting off the purchase, however, I went a head with it and I have not once regretted doing so. It only takes a few drops, which makes it more practical when washing your head on a daily basis.

A friend of mine has her oily hair back in only a few hours after waswhsing it, and I decided to let her give my new shampoo a try, boy was she surprised at what it could do. After that she practically beg me to help her get some of her own, so I help her search online for the ‘Tigi Bed Head Shampoo’, now my friend has her own ‘Tigi Bed Hea Shampoo’. She does not have excessive oils in her hair anymore. I can swear this to be true, as I was a witness to it.

What should I know about conditioners?

It is my recommendation to use cream rinses and conditioners on the tips of the hair, and the length of the hair, leaving the scalp out of it altogether.

For those who have greasy hair, I would recommend ‘Fructis’, the anti-grease shampoo.


When you have finished shampooing your hair place the length of your hair into some ice cold water, including the base areas of the hair line. This will close-off the scales and sebaceous glands, sealing off those that produce fat. Also, the ice cold water makes the hair shine for a longer period of time. Having your hair dyed with blonde highlights will help to fight against the hair getting built up to quickly with grease. The reason for this is that the bleach chemicals will help to dry the hairs out, thus, reducing the excess fat from the hairs.

Furthermore shines after much longer hair. If you have nothing against lighter hair did, take up to 2 times per week a ‘ more blonde’ shampoo that brightens up your hair on and makes them little softer, so to access it as ‘normal’ bleaches do without.

Hairfinity Reviews

Women encounter all sorts of different hair problems, from closed partitions, slick hair, scalp issues and lose of hair. All of these things can lead to a bad hair day at any time. Hairfinity is a treatment for women who suffer from unhealthy or loss of hair. For more results on Hairfinity, check here.

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What is Hairfinity?

Okay, so you’ve seen advertising about Hairfinity or came across the vitamins, now you wonder what exactly Hairfinity is. It is an oral supplement which provides the body with nutrients necessary for hair growth. Basically, it helps your hair grow by making sure you get the stuff your body needs.

What’s in Hairfinity?

There are many vitamins, minerals and natural concentrates that make up Hairfinity, including:

  • Supplement A – This assists the body in producing sebum which improves hair growth. Do these ingredients speed up Hair growth?
  • Biotin – This enhances the rate of hair growth and fights dryness. Also, the versatility of your hair is increased.
  • Silica – Aids in hair flexibility while assisting your body in producing collagen, which helps support the development and health of hair.
  • Vitamin D – Aids in full bodied hair and reduces hair loss.
  • Capsilana™ – This contain 18 types of proteins that motivates hair regrowth. It is a natural product which produces keratin and collagen, both are important to hair growth. For a start, you have to know the basics of hair loss.

Hairfinity Fun Facts

At this point, you are probably considering the true expectations of results, what benefits can Hairfinity really provide? While results vary between each person, many women have learned how to obtain results quickly, often within the first month of use.

For instance, many women have the following after completing the initial month of Hairfinity:

  • My hair has more shine, and more beneficial.
  • Hair is thicker to an extent.
  • Not more separation issues
  • Hair health has improved
  • And much more!

Another great aspect to Hairfinity is the lack of side effects, there are none. There are no harmful reactions you have to worry about, and you will be able to get rid of any gels, creams, or other hair products you may have. Hairfinity can speed your hair growth, while lowering the hair loss rate.

Cost of Hairfinity

While the product is known for working quickly, this comes at a price that is not cheap. With a monthly tag of $30 per month, it is still cheaper than some other options. Find link for Hairfinity coupons.


  • Clinically proven using expert restorative trials to test the rate of hair regrowth.
  • Provides life to hair, helps develop new hair faster.
  • Highly recommended


  • There are potential side effects, like with any over the counter mediation you purchase. Check out my page on the side effects of Hairfinity.


If you are a female that is losing their hair and want to fight back against hair loss, Hairfinity is a great option to try. It has aided many women in regaining control over their hair, and you too can be on the way to an all new look.

Propecia, Does It Work?

When it comes to Propecia, there are a few reasons people usually try to avoid this method for fighting baldness. There are a few of the reasons, though clinical examinations have shown extensive ability in fighting hair loss, these reasons include cost, side effects and inconvenience. Check out for more info.

                          A Prescription is Needed

While no one enjoys going to the doctor, you will need to set up an appointment with a specialist over your hair loss. The next step is going over your situation at your appointment, followed by a trip to your pharmacy and paying for the medication, which may take time to start working with refills.

                                Acting Fast

For many, hair loss is not an open topic for discussion and many are embarrassed by it. However, the key to increasing your success rate of increasing hair growth rates and reducing hair loss, is to take action quickly. While it may not be an area you want to talk about, it is important to begin treatments as soon as possible.

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                               Health Concerns

As with any medication, Propecia has various health concerns and possible side effects that many simply find too risky. In fact, this is the top concern over the cost and the risk of Propecia not working. Although, for those who decide to take it, possibly as their last hope to fight baldness, regular checkups can be conducted to screen hormones and advancements.

Because each person has a different natural chemistry makeup, everyone may respond differently to the medication. While some may grow their hair back quickly, it could take longer for others. If you are curious about the side effects, click here.

Getting approved for Propecia can be a hassle, but once approved you only have a single pill to take each day. For some, this is a small hassle to pay for the potential of a full head of hair. Also, for those who spent a massive amount on trying other remedies, it could be beneficial.

                                   The Cost

When it comes to the name brand of Propecia, many people spend nearly $100 each month on the medication, and require many refills. Although, there are alternatives, such as Proscar that are a bit cheaper.

                     Propecia is FDA Approved

The medication Propecia has been approved by the Medcine and Food Supervision which oversees the safety of health practices. The FDA has approved Propecia for hair growth, making in one of only three FDA approved treatments. The other two being HairMaxLaserComb, and Minoxidil.

Fulfillment is a type that people often do not discuss, but it is important. It does not matter if the Propecia worked or not, it allows you to feel like you tried everything within your ability to fight hair loss. Because of this, if you have tried nearly everything else, try Propecia.Check out

Best Way to Naturally Regrow Hair

Your hair consists of single hairs following a genetic plan that includes shedding, with the average hair loss being 50 to 150 hairs per day. In most cases, hair grows back until the point shedding occurs quicker than growth, leading to baldness. Young adults and seniors have discovered this phenomenon for decades, but why?

Reasons of Hair Loss

Baldness is something associated with older adults, but it can even occur to those under 20 years old. A full head of healthy hair is often associated with younger people and attractiveness. These are reasons hair loss has become a dreaded issue for many, but the past couple decades have made advancements against hair loss.

Prior to deciding on your treatment plan, you should consider several things. When it comes to hair loss, it is hard to find a certain treatment that is guaranteed to work on its own. Various treatments are offered worldwide, with procedures put things on you, such as life style, age geographic, and food habits. The most important aspect being genetic factors that are connected to hair loss, this can lead to curing it being tricky. However, there have been many situations where hair reduction treatments have been successful.

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Available Options

Therapeutic scalp massages that use FirTree can provide valuable stimulation to hair follicles. Hair expansion can be encouraged by using castor oil regularly, reducing hair loss. The follicles are strengthened and lowers the chance of infected hairs. There are times when sweet almond oil can be mixed with castor oil to increase the outcome. Additionally, the aroma is increased, helping create a relaxing environment.

These oils contain high amounts of Vitamin E, which aids in hair health. You can use Avocado leave infusions, and olive oil derivatives too.

Natural Products?

There are natural ways to remedies hair loss as well. For instance:

  • Boil sage leaves with coconut oil creates a black residue, apply to the scalp.
  • Place fenugreek seeds in hot oil, massage to scalp as it cools down.
  • Combine coconut milk and black pepper with fenugreek powder to stimulate blood flow in the scalp.

Alternative Hair Growth

Other options for hair growth are available, but results vary. Vigorously brushing your hair is a well-known treatment, as it removes the dead and loose hair, leaving behind the shiny hair.  Taking a few minutes to massage your head each day can increase blood circulation.


These are some methods you can use to help reduce and possibly eliminate hair loss while increasing hair growth. If you prefer over the counter treatments, to at home remedies with natural ingredients, there are options available for you. Exercise may not directly enhance the hair, but it’s been endorsed by practitioners because it also increases blood flow, helps digestion, provides oxygen, all these are essential to the body.